Juniper on Corten Metal Pot

This is a juniper I’ve collected from someones landscape.  I’ve written about it a couple of times.  I decided to repot this in a corten metal pot.  Metal Pot was custom sized and made.  I wanted something different.  The metal rust has a color similar to the trunk and also it’s  changing like the tree.

Thuja on Metal Slab

  I’ve written about this thuja a couple of times.  I’ve originally envisioned this tree going on a standard bonsai pot but it will have to be a very large pot. This  tree is between 4 to 5 ft tall.  I got inspired by Michael Hagedorn’s  Mt Hemlock forest on slab.  Michael used a Teflon slab but I … More Thuja on Metal Slab

2017 Outlook

Today is January 1st 2017.  This post is to provide a brief outlook of some of what I’m thinking will be coming up for 2017. It’s been 2 years since I started this blog.   In those 2 short years (in bonsai years), I am amazed at the many benefits I got out of this blog.   Made new friends, learned from … More 2017 Outlook

3 Bonsai Lessons that Can Help with the New Year and Beyond

It’s that time of the year again, when I become contemplative about many things, what else do you do when it’s dark and cold outside and you’re forced to stay inside.  I intentionally scheduled no work between Christmas and New Year and take some time off.  I was hoping to catch my breath before 2017 arrives.  … More 3 Bonsai Lessons that Can Help with the New Year and Beyond